Monday, 20 July 2009

Just a wrap bracelet...

Not having to bother about school is really nice! Of course I have to get looking for a job and I am, but I also cleaned out my old beads collection! I've thrown out what I thought looked cheap and the rest is put away neat in boxes!
While cleaning out I found some old creations of mine and I decided to sell them on Marktplaats. So they'll be on there in a few days!

Also I've been making stuff myself. I've done these:

And also the world famous wrap bracelet!

I absolutely love it! Too bad I only have those beads for this bracelet, but I'm looking all over the internet for more and better beads and my wrap bracelets as well as the hair clips will soon be on Marktplaats!

Keep your eyes on this blog for soon more Minkeltje Handmade!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Just my graduation...

Tonight I have my graduation from a school in Presentation Design. I am very happy to get my diploma after 4 years of late nights and loads of stress! Of course for this joyous occasion I have gotten myself a beautiful new dress and with this new dress I needed a pair of pretty earrings. I couldn't find anything in the stores that would fit with the dress and so I decided to make earrings myself!

I think they turned out pretty cute! I will post a picture of me in my dress, all dressed up later! Now I have to sent out job applications, cause after having a little big vacation I want to get to work!