Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Just some old stuff..

I am absolutely obsessed by everything 60's/70's.. I love the patterns, the colors, the clothes, the music, EVERYTHING! A while ago I fitted my mums wedding-dress and I really want to wear it on my wedding (one day, whenever that is!) She married in 1969 and the dress is short with long sleeves and a bit of a turtleneck. It's amazing how white the beautiful fabric still is after 40 years!

Also I have this 'dream' of moving into a house where nothing has changed since the 70's, although that would be a bit gross. :p So now I am trying to collect some stuff for when I move out, just some plates and cups and stuff like that. Maybe a lamp (I don't know if my sweetie approves but I guess I have better taste than him so he'll just have to! :P) or a chair or something like that. It still has to be Y2K compatible.

So I went to a thrift-store with my sister and I laid my hands on these babies:

Lovely coffeecups

Plates for soup, with the cutest flowers!

This one isn't vintage, but still it's lovely isn't it?

well, I have to go back to schoolwork now! Only 3 days to go! Wow! Time goes fast!

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  1. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, superleuk servies!!!!! Ik kom bij jullie soep eten en koffie drinken en nootjes graaien uit de prachtige schaal! Hoe ging het vandaag? Heb aan je gedacht.

    XO Heidi