Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Just some fabric...

Saturday my boyfriend had a gig with his band and during the gig there was this beautiful double-rainbow in the sky! Look:

I love rainbows, they're so magical!

Today I went to the market and I bought a few pieces of fabric! I'm really serious about the sewing, but I don't really dare, to be honest! Here are the fabrics I bought:

I am so much in love with the blue/red flowery fabric! It's gonna be such a pretty dress! Can you believe all this together was only 5 euros? Sewing your own clothes is so cheap, but I already knew that just not how pretty the fabrics could be. All the stalls had vintage fabrics and laces on there! Oh! I'm so happy!

My parents are on holiday now, apparently they've got snow and today I walked around the shops in just my vest! How different can weather be in just a few (hundred? thousand?) kilometers!

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  1. Waar ben je naar de markt geweest? Wel echt goedkoop zeg! x