Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Just some fabric...

Saturday my boyfriend had a gig with his band and during the gig there was this beautiful double-rainbow in the sky! Look:

I love rainbows, they're so magical!

Today I went to the market and I bought a few pieces of fabric! I'm really serious about the sewing, but I don't really dare, to be honest! Here are the fabrics I bought:

I am so much in love with the blue/red flowery fabric! It's gonna be such a pretty dress! Can you believe all this together was only 5 euros? Sewing your own clothes is so cheap, but I already knew that just not how pretty the fabrics could be. All the stalls had vintage fabrics and laces on there! Oh! I'm so happy!

My parents are on holiday now, apparently they've got snow and today I walked around the shops in just my vest! How different can weather be in just a few (hundred? thousand?) kilometers!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Just some old stuff..

I am absolutely obsessed by everything 60's/70's.. I love the patterns, the colors, the clothes, the music, EVERYTHING! A while ago I fitted my mums wedding-dress and I really want to wear it on my wedding (one day, whenever that is!) She married in 1969 and the dress is short with long sleeves and a bit of a turtleneck. It's amazing how white the beautiful fabric still is after 40 years!

Also I have this 'dream' of moving into a house where nothing has changed since the 70's, although that would be a bit gross. :p So now I am trying to collect some stuff for when I move out, just some plates and cups and stuff like that. Maybe a lamp (I don't know if my sweetie approves but I guess I have better taste than him so he'll just have to! :P) or a chair or something like that. It still has to be Y2K compatible.

So I went to a thrift-store with my sister and I laid my hands on these babies:

Lovely coffeecups

Plates for soup, with the cutest flowers!

This one isn't vintage, but still it's lovely isn't it?

well, I have to go back to schoolwork now! Only 3 days to go! Wow! Time goes fast!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Just some sites I like...

Whenever I get a spare moment on the computer I immediately go to modcloth a website with clothes that are soo absolutely adorable, I have to have them all! 
I am a dress-addict and the sweeter the better! 


Then when I am finished drooling over the dresses I am not able to afford (they're not expensive, but I just don't have the money) I go over to burdastyle to see if I can make the dresses myself with their free patterns. 

I never did though... I'm gonna work on my sewing skills this summer and the rest of my life! 

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Just the first blog...

Hello everybody!

My name is Minke, or Minkeltje and I decided to share some of the stuff I like with the rest of the world! I am currently in the middle of my school exams, very stressy! 
Well, I'll wite again soon! 

Love xxx